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Nash H-GUN Elevator Cradle

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Making the safety and practicality of the Nash carp cradle concept available to all.

Following the market leading innovation of the Nash Carp Cradles, the launch of the H-Gun Elevator brings the best in carp care to everyone.

Slightly smaller than its bigger brothers the Carp Cradle and Monster Carp Cradle, the Elevator is perfect for most UK fisheries, supporting carp to 30lb with room to spare but folding into a significantly smaller package making it easier to move around even for day sessions and without a barrow.

Locking pins provide a secure, rigid frame, and the addition of mesh drainage prevents the build up of excessive water in the base of the internal non-slip PVC sling. When folded, Velcro strips keep the Elevator together, and carry handles help move it around easily even if not using the H-Gun Uni Cradle Carry Bag.

Key Features:

The safest way to unhook and photograph carp

Holds carp to over 30 lb

Smaller footprint and carry size

Perfect for UK waters and day sessions

Mesh drainage panels in base

Locking leg pins

Velcro fasteners and carry handles

Product Code: T4575

Manufacturer: Nash Tackle


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